Our Expertise

Keen Editions believes a writer shouldn't have to choose between profits and excellence. Our innovative publishing model preserves the long-held values of expert editing and professional book production but allows a writer to control rights and profit.


Some writing needs substantial concept or content editing. All writing needs careful copyediting, line editing and proofreading. We offer it all, depending on what an author and manuscript needs.

Book Design

Book design is an art. When readers buy a “physical” book, they want not only a well-written book, they want one designed and produced with the same attention to aesthetics and detail as the story.


Flat illustrations deaden even the liveliest story. We help an author choose an illustrator whose art will help a story fly. Unlike most publishers, we bring an author and illustrator together to discuss their visions for a book.


A well-written and beautifully illustrated and designed book deserves to be matched by high-quality printing. We work with a specialized book printer so every book’s color, paper, printing and binding match the excellence of its writing and design. Oh, and no printing in China for us!

trudy-beludy “I am extremely fortunate to have worked with Ann. She knows the literary business so well, but at the same time is not intimidating. I felt free to ask her anything. The editing and design she did, combined with her support of the author’s vision, is just what I’d been hoping for.”
— Elizabeth Maier Marietta, author of Trudy Beludy and Her Brilliant Tummy

every-boat-turns-south“Ann is simply one of the smartest, most astute readers I know — which, in part, makes her a keen-eyed editor. There are two primary skills great editors must possess: they must know when a work can be expanded to further enrich it, as well as how a story might be compressed to gain rhythm and flow. Ann has been masterful in this regard in both of the novels she edited for me. In the future, she will always be my first editor of choice. What’s more, she actually knows the rules of grammar and punctuation better than most copy editors so while she’s working on the big picture of a story, she cleans up the little problems that must be fixed before any book is ready to find its way in the world.” — J.P. White, poet and novelist, www.jpwhite.net

life-on-the-ice“Ann has been a pleasure to work with. After years of ups and downs searching for an editor I found the perfect fit with Ann. She was able to do wonders with my manuscript while keeping it in my own words. I also like Ann’s attention to detail and promptness in getting things done.”
— Lonnie Dupre, Arctic explorer and author of Life on Ice

mary-ryan“Working with Ann on my first children’s book has been so rewarding. She’s part teacher, part innovator and part friend. Ann took my simple story and worked diligently to turn it into a published book. She gently edited my words, found the creative team I needed for support, drove the design process and turned me into a published author. I’m forever grateful for her wisdom and friendship.”— Mary E. Ryan, children’s book author of Nan’s Donut Dilemma

colleen“Ann is a joy to work with! We have had a few projects together and all have been an amazing experience. The amount of time and attention Ann puts into every project (and person) she works with shows on every page. The experience and knowledge Ann shares with her clients makes the publishing world a better place.”
— Colleen Muske, children’s book illustrator, www.colleenmuske.com

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