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  I am extremely fortunate to have worked with Keen Editions. Ann knows the literary business so well, but at the same time is not intimidating. I felt free to ask her anything. The editing and design she did, combined with her support of the author’s vision, is just what I'd been hoping for.  

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Trudy Beludy and Her Brilliant Tummy

This delightful children’s picture book by Elizabeth Maier Marietta introduces a lovable new character, Trudy Beludy, and the important issue of emotional eating in young children. One day, Trudy Beludy turns to food to handle a disappointment. But soon, her swirling, gurgling tummy tells her that food is NOT the answer. So what should she do instead? This fun, 32-page beautifully illustrated children’s story reveals all.

The concept of emotional eating has been of interest to author Elizabeth Maier Marietta throughout her life, and as a mother, she could see that emotional eating can start anytime. For an increasing number, it has its roots in childhood. Often, children eat in an effort to make themselves feel better.Trudy Beludy and Her Brilliant Tummy shows young children what they can do instead of eating when they are struggling with feelings.

Amazon.com readers say:

Trudy Beludy is a story of a young girl who ultimately learns positive, new ways to explore hurt feelings. Insightful with a profound message, this book teaches both children and adults what happens we we use food to self-medicate. Our spunky heroine learns that it is okay to feel sad or mad, without turning to self-destructive behaviors. This is a story that needs to be read to young children; the message is powerful and easy to grasp without being preachy. Beautifully illustrated, this is sure to be a favorite! (Lasner)

Colleen Muske, Illustrator

Colleen has been drawing, painting and creating one thing or another most of her life, but it wasn’t until she took a children’s book illustration class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design that she found her passion. Colleen’s illustrations naturally lean toward the unexpected, whether it be patterns that create textures that are almost 3D or color tones that remind us of primary colors but are rendered with a contemporary twist.  Colleen and her husband are the parents of two equally creative girls, and live in Minnesota with three cats and three dogs.

Trudy Beludy and Her Brilliant Tummy is available at:

  • Amazon.com: Click here to buy
  • Bookbug, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Common Good Books, St. Paul, MN
  • Toadstool Bookshop, Keene, NH
  • Wintergreen, Wayzata, MN and Ely, MN


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