Bruce Ehalt

  Navigating the world of publishing a book can be daunting. From my very first contact with Ann, she clearly laid out the process of turning my story into a wonderful book, and was always willing to discuss any issues pertaining to it. She has an uncanny ability to see the flow of a story. I look forward to working with Keen Editions on future books.  

The Cat’s Meow: An Alex Quest Story

Have you ever wondered why cats say meow? That’s what Alex wonders one day when he steps on Oscar’s tail and his cat yells MEOW! In the first of a planned series by Bruce Ehalt, Alex and his sister, Sun go on a quest to discover a story behind the question: Why do cats say meow? Along the way, with the help of a librarian, they discover not only the answer to their question, but many fascinating details about life and culture in the fictitious land “Feline” patterned after the Song Dynasty in Asia.

As an elementary school teacher in Minnesota, Bruce Ehalt sees every day how naturally inquisitive children are. He began imagining the Alex Quest stories such as The Cat’s Meow because he knows that encouraging children to delving into the “why” questions of life is how they learn to solve problems and create solutions. readers say:

This book is a treasure on so many levels! The story is sweet and funny, the illustrations are lush and gorgeous, and children of all ages, along with their parents, are sure to enjoy it over and over. As an adoptive parent, I love that the two main characters, siblings Alex and Sun, are clearly part of an internationally adopted family. This is made evident through the illustrations, it is never stated, by which the author and illustrator portray it as just a family, the same as any family. We parents see our families that way, and in this beautiful book, others will hopefully see it that way as well! As a cat lover, the portrayal of cats is both whimsical and true. Buy this book! You won’t regret it! (Ellen)

Colleen Muske, Illustrator

Colleen Muske has been drawing, painting and creating one thing or another most of her life. Her fresh, contemporary illustrations, full of pattern and texture, naturally lean toward the unexpected. In The Cat’s Meow, her use of acrylic on wood provides even more pattern and texture to her images. The Asian scenes in this book echo elements of the art, architecture and culture of the Song Dynasty. Visit Colleen at her website:


The Cat’s Meow: An Alex Quest Story is available at:


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