Mary E. Ryan

  Working with Keen Editions on my first children's book has been so rewarding. Part teacher, part innovator and part friend, Ann took my simple story and worked diligently to turn it into a published book. She gently edited my words, found the creative team I needed for support, drove the design process and turned me into a published author.  

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Nan&#39s Donut Dilemma

When Nan’s kindergarten class is planning its annual Donuts for Dads event, Nan gets teased because she doesn’t have a dad. This joyful and upbeat story, introducing a charming new character, was Inspired by real-life events. Ryan wrote an essay on how her sister, the mother of the “real” Nan, handled the situation when she chose to have a daughter by an anonymous sperm donor. That essay turned into this heartwarming 32-page, delightfully illustrated children’s book, which highlghts the fact that family is more about a child’s “circle of love” than the biology of conception.

Families of every kind can use Nan’s Donut Dilemma to talk about what makes a family, because what is important for children from nontraditional families — however that is defined — is that they never be excluded or teased because of their specific uniqueness.

Amazon.com readers say:

This book seems to have been written about my family! My daughter is 3 right now, and quite content with her understanding that she does not have a daddy, but this helps us take the issue to the next level….This book helped my daughter to understand that we are not alone, there are others like us, and it has furthered our conversation about who we are and how we got here….So many families are “different” nowadays, anything that can help our children and their classmates, friends, neighbors understand is very appreciated and welcome. As our type of family becomes more common, perhaps others will find this book to be as helpful as we did. Thanks for writing it! (Melmar)

Colleen Muske, Illustrator

Colleen has been drawing, painting and creating one thing or another most of her life, but it wasn’t until she took a children’s book illustration class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design that she found her passion. Colleen’s illustrations naturally lean toward the unexpected, whether it be patterns that create textures that are almost 3D or color tones that remind us of primary colors but are rendered with a contemporary twist.  Colleen and her husband are the parents of two equally creative girls, and live in Minnesota with three cats and three dogs. No lizards — unless you count her drawings.

Nan&#39s Donut Dilemma is available at:

  • Amazon: Click here to buy
  • Birchbark House, Minneapolis, MN
  • Howard Street Booksellers, Hibbing, MN
  • Magers & Quinn, Minneapolis, MN
  • Red Balloon, St. Paul, MN
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