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Brothers — A Novel

Paul Mohrbacher’s novel, Brothers, delves into the relationship of two sixty-something siblings who have been estranged for several years. Once close, Ben and Nick’s different life choices drew them apart, with Nick moving to California and Ben staying in their Midwestern hometown in North Dakota. Nick’s choices — complicated by his drug and alcohol addiction — results in shattered health and ultimately homelessness. read more

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Life On Ice: 25 Years of Arctic Exploration

This memoir by renowned Arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre is a great adventure read and a firsthand chronicle of life and climate change in the Arctic region. Dupre has spent most of his adult life either traveling in the Arctic or planning his next trip there. Life on Ice, featuring a 32-page full-color photo insert, includes Dupre’s most significant achievements – the world’s first circumnavigation of Greenland and a summer North Pole expedition that reached 68 million people worldwide. read more

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Nan’s Donut Dilemma

When Nan’s kindergarten class is planning its annual Donuts for Dads event, Nan gets teased because she doesn’t have a dad. This joyful and upbeat story, introducing a charming new character, was Inspired by real-life events. Ryan wrote an essay on how her sister, the mother of the “real” Nan, handled the situation when she chose to have a daughter by an anonymous sperm donor. That essay turned into this heartwarming 32-page, delightfully illustrated children’s book, which highlghts the fact that family is more about a child’s “circle of love” than the biology of conception. read more

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The Cat’s Meow: An Alex Quest Story

Have you ever wondered why cats say meow? That’s what Alex wonders one day when he steps on Oscar’s tail and his cat yells MEOW! In the first of a planned series by Bruce Ehalt, Alex and his sister, Sun go on a quest to discover a story behind the question: Why do cats say meow? Along the way, with the help of a librarian, they discover not only the answer to their question, but many fascinating details about life and culture in the fictitious land “Feline” patterned after the Song Dynasty in Asia. read more

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Trudy Beludy and Her Brilliant Tummy

This delightful children’s picture book by Elizabeth Maier Marietta introduces a lovable new character, Trudy Beludy, and the important issue of emotional eating in young children. One day, Trudy Beludy turns to food to handle a disappointment. But soon, her swirling, gurgling tummy tells her that food is NOT the answer. So what should she do instead? This fun, 32-page beautifully illustrated children’s story reveals all. read more

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