Paul Mohrbacher

  Writing a book is like driving a team of horses. You think you are in control, but the four critters have other ideas. Make room on the wagon for a capable and thorough editor, a publisher familiar with great design, an agent who knows the field, and a steady guide. Ann K. Ryan at Keen Editions is all of these.  

Brothers — A Novel

Paul Mohrbacher’s novel, Brothers, delves into the relationship of two sixty-something siblings who have been estranged for several years. Once close, Ben and Nick’s different life choices drew them apart, with Nick moving to California and Ben staying in their Midwestern hometown in North Dakota. Nick’s choices — complicated by his drug and alcohol addiction — result in shattered health and ultimately homelessness.

The novel opens at their first meeting in several years when Ben travels to visit his brother, now a resident of a California board-and-care home, driven mostly by his need to know if Nick was involved in his wife’s death six years earlier. Nick’s outrageous style and the brothers’ intellectual sparring make what could be a dark tale a captivating, entertaining lark.

A reviewer says:

Brothers by Paul Mohrbacher is truly a gem of a story featuring sixty-year-olds Ben and Nick, brothers from North Dakota. Ben is still teaching Latin in ND, but Nick left early and has ended up finally sober in a nursing home after almost dying on the street. Their raucous and rare reunion is one you will never forget. I loved it. — Mary Logue, Lake of Tears

Brothers — A Novel is available at:

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  • Subtext, St. Paul, MN
  • Common Good Books, St. Paul, MN


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