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It's not enough to have a good story idea if the writing is so thin it slips off the page — or worse yet, is so thick it mires the reader in muck. Even the finest writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, needs winnowing to find the sweet spot of the narrative.

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Between big-name publishers and self-publishing companies, there's a market for writers who want to retain rights and profits, while benefiting from the best editing, design and printing they can find. Keen Editions is the best choice when it comes to innovative publishing.

Nan’s Donut Dilemma featured in The Atlantic


The Duck Who Shared Her Eggs: How Children’s Books Approach Modern Reproduction

As donors and surrogates make things potentially more complicated to explan, picture books remain eloquent ways of helping kids understand where they came from.

Behold the miracle of life — the swimming sperm, the blooming cells, and quite often the parental dread when it’s time to tell the kids how it all starts. Fortunately, picture books have long been around to ease The Talk, like Peter Mayle’s 1973 classic, Where Did I Come From? which stars a rotund cartoon couple in the buff and clarifies that “vagina” rhymes with “Carolina.” As in most such books of its ilk, the story essentially boils down to this: A man and woman love each other very much and lock genitals as an expression of their affection. Sperm meets egg and the woman’s tummy grows until — voila! — a baby. Read more